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Gateway Community Services
A Community of Caring.  A Commitment to Recovery.

Gateway Community Services takes action against addiction through a wide variety of programs and services.

From prevention to transitional housing and clinical research,

we have the understanding, care, facilities, and know-how to help with every facet of the recovery process.  



Outpatient Detoxification Services
Helping you to be you again

Addicted to pain medication?

- Medically supervised treatment
- Outpatient Services available
- Ambulatory detox with individualized suboxone protocols

Call us today!
904-387-4661 extension 7777
Prevention Programs and Services
Prevention Newsletter - "Pass It On".
April 2014


Adult Detoxification Services
Adolescent Detoxification Services



Deaf / Hard of Hearing Services or Interpreting for languages other than English.


If you have special needs such as requiring auxiliary aides or interpreter services, please contact us 904.387.4661 extension 1003 to request assistance.  These services will be provided at no cost. If you have a need for detoxification services, you may come directly to our program at 555 Stockton Street and an interpreter will be provided for you as soon as possible.


You can email your questions to

Save the date - October 4, 2014!

For the 2014 Gateway's Flavor of Jacksonville
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Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2014 event

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  Once again, Gateway will be participating in the 2014 PLAYERS Championship Birdies for Charity program and we are asking for your support!

Making your gift directly to Gateway will ensure we receive 100% of the proceeds.

Please contact Rosa Nicholas at (904) 387-4661 ext. 1031 to make your pledge of support, or by email at

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Gateway in the Media
February 10, 2014 - WJXT - - Heroin is an epidemic in parts of Florida

A newly released report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows a heroin epidemic is underway in parts of South Florida, but other hot spots for the deadly drug include Sarasota, Orlando and Jacksonville.

Gateway Community Services is a local center that prevents and treats the effects of addiction, and it says it has seen a recent uptick in the number of patients being treated for heroin.

Video and Article

October 31, 2013 - WJXT - - Teens share horrors of street drug 'Molly'
Teens currently in a rehabilitation program at Gateway Community Services says they would rather forget after experiencing day after day of being high on Molly.
Videos and Article

November 1, 2013 - WJXT - -  Gateway Community Services additiction specialist weighs in on Blackmon's suspension from the Jacksonville Jaguars
Experts say substance abuse is a relapsing disease
Video and Article

July 23, 2013 - The Florida Times-Union -- Gateway Community Services dedicates new child care center

John Scott of 99.1 WQIK of Jacksonville Big Show with Robbie. John & Toni takes time out of his busy morning to speak with Dr. Candace Hodgkins, CEO of Gateway Community Services and special guest Tim White on the road to recovery, from drug and alcohol addiction. Tune in and see what insights each have to offer on this growing epidemic within our community. It is never too late to seek recovery.

Listen to the March 17th interview here (mp3)

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to save this interview on your computer)

Tim White, Jacksonville native, singer-songwriter, successfull businessman and a recovering addict tells his story in his new book
At the End of the Road - One Man's Journey from Chaos to Clarity.

Tim went from rock bottom to becoming a success story with the help of Gateway Community Services. He celebrates 20 years of sobriety with an interview on the Melissa Ross Show on WJCT.

Listen to the February 18th interview here (mp3)

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to save this interview on your computer)

Listen to the February 18th Melissa Ross Show here
Keep Kids Drug Free Foundation, Inc is a resource for parents, families and young people to learn how to prevent drug abuse.

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Simply take your current tag to any tag office and request the KKDF auto tag when you lease a vehicle, buy a vehicle, or renew your current tag.

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Gateway Press Releases

Grand Opening for Childcare Center at Gateway Community Services

Weaver Family Foundation Provided Funds for the Center


July 22, 2013, Jacksonville, FL -- Grand Opening ceremonies were held during an Open House for the new childcare center at Gateway Community Services.


The childcare center was funded in part by the Weaver Family Foundation, founded by former Jacksonville Jaguars owners Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver.  The childcare center  is designed to care for children of women who are undergoing substance abuse treatment at Gateway Community Services. This allows mothers to get treatment without losing custody of their children, or without losing contact with them daily.


“Gateway was the first substance abuse treatment center in the nation to recognize the importance of keeping women and children together during treatment for drugs and alcohol,” said CEO Dr. Candace Hodgkins. “We are very proud of this new center, and grateful for the generous donations of the Weaver Family Foundation and our other community partners that made it possible.”


Former Gateway CEO Dr. Virginia Borrok will speak at the event. During her tenure at Gateway Community Services, Dr. Borrok initiated the first substance treatment program in the US that permitted children to remain with their mothers in treatment after birth. Prior to this, the infant would be removed from the mother and placed with either a foster family or a family member.


In addition to the Weaver Family Foundation, the childcare center was funded by a number of community partners including Builders Care, Lumber Unlimited, White Roofing, RD Landscaping, Late Bloomers Garden Club, First Timothy Church, Wells Fargo, and state and local funds.


Gateway Community Services provides drug and alcohol detoxification, counseling and rehabilitation for teens and adults. Located at 555 Stockton St., Jacksonville, FL, the non-profit agency offers outpatient and residential addiction treatment, recovery housing, research, and prevention services for the community. Gateway has received a “Guiding Star” designation from the Early Learning Coalition. Gateway Community Services accepts private insurance and Medicaid. Funding for those without insurance is provided through the state and local funding and through generous donations of people and businesses in our community. For more information or to make a donation, visit


Jaguars Foundation Donates Computers for Kids at Gateway Community Services


June 19 2013, Jacksonville, FL -- The Jaguars Foundation has donated six computers, keyboards, monitors and educational software for children attending the new daycare center at Gateway Community Services. The new childcare center cares for children of women receiving treatment at Gateway, as well as children from the community.


Peter Racine, president of the Jaguars Foundation, coordinated the donation of the computer equipment as part of the organization’s support of disadvantaged children in the community. “The Jaguars organization is pleased to partner with former Jaguars team owners Wayne and Delores Weaver and Gateway Community Services in support of the new childcare center ,” Racine said. “Because addiction affects the entire family, the recovery process includes the children, which is why the childcare center is so important.  The Jaguars’ donation of computers and educational software gives these children the tools they need for homework, learning and to have fun like their peers.” 


Gateway Community Services has been providing substance abuse treatment in the Jacksonville region since 1978. The services include inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment, clinical research, phone and internet-based treatment, prevention, intervention and HIV prevention and treatment. Gateway treats adults and adolescents and has specialized in several areas including a Women’s Recovery Program, transitional employment programs and supportive housing. The programs are based on the 12-step program.

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Helping you to be you again  Addicted to pain medication? Medically supervised treatment  Outpatient services available Abulatory detox with individualized Suboxone protocols