New Emerging Designer Drugs—Flakka and Budder

Law enforcement in the southern part of Florida have sounded the alarm that new synthetic drugs are hitting the street. Despite a concentrated government crackdown on fake marijuana, bath salts and other designer drugs, the emergence of Flakka and Budder signify that “supply and demand” is very much alive. Both are relatively inexpensive and are being used in e-cigarettes.

Flakka is the latest street version of bath salts, a form of crystal meth, and is created in labs overseas. It’s sold over the internet as well as on the street. It’s rock candy appearance is similar to crystal meth and the high the user gets is similar — paranoia, psychosis, combativeness, hallucinations. Users crave the drug after only a few uses and oftentimes have psychotic breaks because of its powerful effects on the human mind. Law enforcement is especially worried about Flakka because those who are addicted to the drug tend to be extremely violent and dangerous. One man hallucinating on Flakka was caught on video while attempting to kick in the door of a Ft. Lauderdale Police Station.–296148661.html

Budder is a drug that is derived from marijuana, and therefore not necessarily synthetic. Street names include Marijuana wax, butane hash oil and ear wax hash. Manufacturers of the drug soak stems and leaves from the marijuana plant in butane to extract the oil that produces an intense high to users. One hit of Budder is supposedly equal to 1 – 2 full marijuana cigarettes.

Budder can resemble peanut butter in color and consistency or a wax-like paste. Sometimes the wax is put in marijuana joints or cigarettes. It’s also heated up and smoked in e-cigarettes or vapes. Anyway fumes can be heated and inhaled can be a way to use Budder. The absence of the traditional marijuana smell when vaped, increases interest in this new drug. Side effects of Budder use include, psychosis, severe hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, and heart problems.

Recent reports state that an explosion occurred involving a home in Boca Raton where the windows were blown out and the house sustained major damage. Butane is highly flammable and the process of making Budder is extremely dangerous.

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