Trichotillomania is a type of impulse control disorder characterized by the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair. People with trichotillomania pull hair out at the root from places like the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or pubic area. Some people pull large handfuls of hair while others pull one strand at a time. The scalp is the most common pulling site, followed by the eyebrows, eyelashes, face, arms, and legs.
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New Emerging Designer Drugs—Flakka and Budder

Law enforcement in the southern part of Florida have sounded the alarm that new synthetic drugs are hitting the street. Despite a concentrated government crackdown on fake marijuana, bath salts and other designer drugs, the emergence of Flakka and Budder signify that “supply and demand” is very much alive. Both are relatively inexpensive and are being used in e-cigarettes.
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It’s a perplexing phenomenon with many names: self-injury, self-harm, self-mutilation, self-inflicted violence, self-cutting, and self-abuse, to name a few. Family members, friends, supporters – even many professionals – struggle to understand why people self harm and find the behavior disturbing and puzzling. The practice is not limited to teens. Self-harm in adults also takes place and is not unusual.
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Choosing An Early Learning Program

Children learn best when they have proper health and nutrition, a safe and stable family and home life, and activities that stimulate creativity and curiosity. Quality early learning and child development can open the doors of opportunity for every child to do well in school, in the workforce, and in life. When you choose a quality child care/early learning or afterschool program, you can feel confident that your child is safe and secure while you are at school or work. Your child is more likely to be ready for kindergarten, do well in school, graduate high school and go to college.
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Summer Camp—A Learning Experience

When people think of camp, they think—Fun! But the benefits of our children attending summer camp is so much more than just having fun. What’s really important is the value of the experience and what children learn. It teaches you how to be a good citizen and how to be successful in life. Very strong and lasting lessons about how to be a contributing member of a community are made at camp. You can interview people 20 years after they have gone to camp and they will tell you about their experience at camp with great clarity.
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The Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Marijuana

The arguments surrounding the legalization of marijuana have been on-going for many years. Advocates for legalization began petitioning the Federal Government in 2002. Equally, anti-legalization groups met those arguments and petitions with a resounding NO. However, it would appear that just like prohibition, marijuana will be following the suit of alcohol use and sales.
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Risky Behavior—Thrill Seeking or Uninformed?

The brain goes through a course of maturation during adolescence and does not reach its adult form until the mid-twenties. A long-standing theory of adolescent behavior has assumed that delayed brain maturity is the cause of impulsive and dangerous decision making. A new study, using a new form of brain imaging, calls into question this theory.
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