Maintenance Technician

Full Time
Multiple Locations
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WORK HOURS: 40 per week/Non Exempt (Some Overtime required)

This is a skilled position at the journeyman level in several tasks. An employee in this class performs various skilled and semi-skilled tasks in the repair and maintenance of machinery, buildings, and equipment.  The employee exercises technical independence in determining work methods and procedures and may receive assignments orally or through written instructions, which may be accompanied by sketches or diagrams.  Review of work is received from technical or administrative superiors through inspections and discussions.


  1. Makes repairs to electrical, plumbing, locks, doors, windows, flooring and furniture.
  2. Preventative maintenance on vehicles, small engines, tools and other associated equipment.
  3. Demonstrates intermediate level carpentry and painting skills.
  4. Conducts extensive maintenance and safety inspections at all locations.
  5. Installs new and replacement electrical fixtures.
  6. Repairs concrete and asphalt surfaces to ensure safety of clientele and staff members.
  7. Move furniture, equipment and files between offices and locations as requested.
  8. Assists in maintaining a secure working environment for all staff.
  9. Conducts driver evaluation testing.
  10. Reports safety and security issues immediately to first-line supervisor.
  11. Immediate reports incidents related to self-injury or injury of a co-worker to ensure proper treatment protocol.
  12. Operates agency vehicles in conformance with all traffic laws while demonstrating consideration for other drivers. Wears safety belts and uses all vehicle safety equipment while driving, (i.e., turn signals, horn, rear and side-view mirrors, etc.)  Conducts safety inspection of company vehicle prior to driving and reports all safety issues immediately before proceeding to operate vehicles.


  1. Must pass required background investigation.
  2. Must be able to successfully complete all training.
  3. Must abide by Agency’s Code of Ethics, Agency Standards, Policy and Procedures Manuals.
  4. Must practice universal precautions as part of regular job duties whenever applicable.
  5. Must complete 20 hours job related training annually.
  6. Must be able to perform assigned work independently with minimal supervision.
  7. Timely and regularly complete all required documentation, reports, and other Agency related paperwork.
  8. Ability to function as an effective team member.
  9. Maintain the work area in a clean and orderly condition.
  10. Ensure safe operating conditions within the area of responsibilities.
  11. Must not engage in behaviors that erode the cohesiveness of the program staff.
  12. Demonstrates knowledge of the methods, materials, tools, and practices used in at least two of the building, electrical, or mechanical trades.
  13. Demonstrates considerable knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trades involved.
  14. Demonstrates skill in the care and use of tools and equipment used as a mechanic.
  15. Ability to detect defects in equipment and to make proper repairs or adjustments.


  • High School Degree or Equivalent
  • Intermediate Carpentry
  • Plumbing and Electrical Experience
  • Physical strength and ability sufficient to perform routine or heavy manual tasks
  • Ability to read and write
  • Two to four years of basic maintenance, carpentry, lawn, electrical or plumbing experience
  • Knowledge of OSHA safety requirements
  • Must have a valid state of Florida Drivers License with a SAFE driving record


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